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FiberTechTM Fencing Los Angeles - Environmentally Friendly Fences


FiberTech™ Eco-Friendly Fencing

FiberTech is made from all recycled materials. Since they started in 1998, all raw materials are created from waste from other recycling processes.  Using the ThreeCycle™ process, millions of tons of waste are recycled to create their fencing products.

FiberTech TM  
FiberTech fencing

How it is created

Fiber that is reclaimed from recycled paper products are treated to remove chemicals that have a destabilizing effect on fiber. This allows FiberTech™ to create a fencing material that is resistant to discoloration, decay and even rot.  This process ensures that your fence created from FiberTech™ materials will maintain its beauty long after it is installed.

Wood Fence appearance

TimberWolf® fencing is a composite material that allows you the benefit of eco friendly materials without the appearance of a shiny plastic fence.  FiberTech™ products have not just the feel of real wood, but it also has the look of real wood.  FiberTech™ binds materials together with plastic (such as milk bottles, etc.) that bond the fibers of the recycled paper materials.  This helps add strength to FiberTech™ products.

About Colors

You might be thinking that FiberTech™ products are unnatural because they are made from recycled materials. This couldn’t be further from the truth. FiberTech™ uses neutral tone plastics to bond the material which enables them to add a variety of natural colorants including cedar, walnut and even sequoia red. 

The Process

ThreeCycle® is a manufacturing process that is proprietary to FiberTech.  This process allows for use of top quality fibers and plastics to be recycled. The materials are easy to store and easy to convert to a beautiful finished product designed to enhance the beauty of your property.

Materials FiberTech™ uses

The material FiberTech™ uses is absolutely the best possible quality recycled material.  We combine a process which separates the best fibers from low quality fibers to create top quality raw material.  FiberTech™ then adds strength and reinforcement by ensuring they use the right recycled plastics to ensure that your fence created from FiberTech™ materials are strong and durable.  FiberTech™ then adds fibers to allow for adhesion and proper mixing of raw materials and they dry the fibers to make a lightweight product.

Fully tested

All products are fully tested and FiberTech™ has more than ten years of performance records to show the durability of their products. FiberTech™ was the first on the market to create a composite edging product, a composite fencing product and their products are available in all geographic locations.  All testing of FiberTech™ products are done at their manufacturing facilities.

At A-1 Steel Fence Company we proudly recommend FiberTech™ products to all of our customers who are interested in an eco-friendly fence. These products provide beauty, durability and help not just protect the environment but reduce waste in landfills by creating fencing and edging from recycled materials.

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  FiberTech™ Eco-Friendly Fencing in Los Angeles